How to Add Light into Your Home

Are you wondering key components to adding light into your home? Here are some ideas to brighten your space:

  1. Windows: the quantity and size of windows are the first key component to adding light into your space. Skylights are also a natural addition but make sure it is structurally possible and fiscally responsible.
  2. Direction orientation: putting new windows on the north facing side of the house is not going to be as effective as the south side. In this home, there was only one small window facing south and it is also a beautiful view of the marsh. So, we gave a good amount of thought to adding windows along the south, east and west walls.
  3. Paint color: keeping the paint color light like Simply White it Edgecomb Grey is the first step to making the space light.
  4. Window treatments: if you are struggling with getting light into your home, my first suggestion is to do simple roller shades. If you can afford automatic, they are well worth the money. Shutters are great for privacy but keep the window blocked for the most part. Curtains are coat efficient but definitely add a homey, comfy feel to the space that might not be your overall goal.
  5. Material Selections: I believe gone are the days of cherry cabinetry and absolute black granite with Kelly green walls of 2005 that left a space feeling dark and weighty but be sure not to bring those materials back. I don’t mind dark materials, but they should be equally balanced with light neutrals.

From new windows to materials there are several different directions that you can take your project to get more light. Start with the least expensive option first then explore the alternatives.


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