Are Black Windows Here to Stay?

I am often asked if black windows are here to stay.

The simple answer is yes!

While we are using black windows today to express a clean design aesthetic that can read modern depending on application, in many respects we are going back to black. Historically, the exterior window frames were painted black. We are simply going back to the classic look.

When vinyl windows were introduced, they couldn’t create a black that would stand up to weather so white was the only good, affordable option. Installing a vinyl or fiberglass exterior window is the smart investment while the interior can be either wood (primed or natural) or vinyl. Having a window that can withstand weather and solar damage is only logical so if it had to be white, white it would be.

Marvin windows started introducing colored exterior frames at a steep price from tan, brown, red and green. Marvin created a black exterior window and tested this window in Arizona in the sun for fading then warranted the window for the number of years that it was tested. When they were able to offer black confidently, the other manufacturers watched the success and jumped into manufacturing. Today, most manufacturers have invested millions in black vinyl and fiberglass so logically, I don’t see the black windows going anywhere soon. Just make sure that the manufacturer offers a solid finish warranty. Marvin now offers black interior and the other manufacturers are catching up as well.

In our Rocky Bay Home renovation, we will be putting black windows to replace the original windows from 1984 with cedar shakes. I’ve been using this photo as an inspiration and believe that it will blend best with the nature of the Maine coast as the shingles grey naturally.

As with most things these days, anything goes and there is no right or wrong to your window color. It’s important to look at the project as a whole to make sure there is a balance and interest between the siding, roof, trim, foundation and windows.

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