How to Blend an Addition with a Classic Bungalow

Bungalows are the classic home that everyone loves because they have deep overhangs, multiple interesting rooflines and remain low to the ground while still have the ability to have a good amount of square footage within their roof system.

But adding an addition to a bungalow can be a challenge for all the reasons why we love them.

Adding on to something that has a deep overhang creates some difficult math when it comes to roof pitch and marrying a new structure with an equally deep overhang. Since the structure is so low it means that the addition cannot surpass the existing roof height limiting the space gained within the new roofline.  Connecting the addition and existing structure without losing a bedroom on the second floor is always the challenge especially because we are working with a narrow amount of space.

In this addition, the goal was to add a two-car garage with mudroom and a family room above this for first floor access. While we looked at adding another bedroom over this family room, we decided against it because the addition was looking far too tall and massive. The existing house has a large laundry room on the second floor that we are able to renovate into another bedroom and relocate laundry into the finished basement off the new mudroom. Staying as much within the footprint and using every inch of space in a bungalow is key for function, flow and blending the addition.

We have grade on our side in this case and we were able to bring the addition down in height so that the structure stays proportional to itself. While this home still looks relatively modest, it is over 3000 sf of living space with a living room, family room, large kitchen, dining, pantry, 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a large playroom, laundry and massive mudroom off the garage in the basement.

Bungalow homes are classic and it’s my job to update them for function while not ruining the charm and grace of these beautiful homes. Let me know if you are renovating a bungalow, I’ve done more than a few in my day and it’s a challenge I’m definitely up for.


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