Fabric of the Week: Rocky Mountain

This simple fabric is great for lampshades! It is fun and provides movement in several different color ways ranging from the tone-on-tone to the bold contrast. When looking at fabric, it is important to notice HOW colors impact a specific pattern. Tone-on-tone are colors that are different from each other but the same hue or… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Rocky Mountain

Fabric of the Week: Hughes

Pillows can pull a space together and it’s especially fun in the bedroom. These pillows are a combination of Huges and Libby pattern collections  with Seaglass Blue and Chocolate Brown. How can I help pull your bedroom together with fun and interesting pillows?

Throwback Thursdays: Birch Trees

For many reasons, birch trees bring people a sense of peace and inspiration. I wanted to figure out what this feeling actually comes from. The early uses were for shelter, paper, buckets, plates and canoes but also medicinally. Wintergreen Oil is extracted from the twigs. The tree was also believed to be immune to lighting strikes.… Continue reading Throwback Thursdays: Birch Trees

Friday’s Find: Gee’s Bend Rug

Feet friendly rugs are important not only for your feet but also for your floors. They hold so much power! They can be the focus or sit back into the background. I always suggest looking at rugs before you determine the theme of the space. Make sure it works with scale, proportion, focus and flow.… Continue reading Friday’s Find: Gee’s Bend Rug