What’s BUGGING you?

We find remnants of animals and bugs with significant damage in nearly every renovation we do. Either wasp nests in the roof rafters or carpenter ants at the kitchen sink add extra work when renovating your home. But all can be prevented if you are on a good extermination plan.  My suggestion is to find… Continue reading What’s BUGGING you?


Are you still working from home? Do you have the right equipment? Since the start of Covid 19, I’ve talked to A LOT of people about the frustration of their home – workspace.   An average family in America has two parents with two kids in a three-bedroom house – no office! Literally, every client… Continue reading STILL WORKING FROM HOME?

Holding on to Summer as the kids go “back” to school

Well, there is no doubt that this is going to be one of the strangest years of school. With SO much uncertainty, it can feel anxiety-producing.    The conversation is complex about going back or not. Yet, where my heart hurts for the children who have been suffering at home with neglect needs to get… Continue reading Holding on to Summer as the kids go “back” to school