Are you still working from home? Do you have the right equipment? Since the start of Covid 19, I’ve talked to A LOT of people about the frustration of their home – workspace.


An average family in America has two parents with two kids in a three-bedroom house – no office! Literally, every client and a potential client is desperate to get an office into their house. Mom and Dad are working in the same room with their spouse (not good for marital bliss) or bunked up two kids into one bedroom and converted the kid’s bedroom into an office or they are working at the kitchen counter, mudroom, dining room, basement, attic … any space available. It’s a real problem!

An addition/renovation is not an immediate solution and we are also currently in the middle of a building boom making contractors hard to find and work very expensive. Since Corporate America is not exactly willing to pay for your addition (maybe they will fork over funds for a new chair?) I’m trying to come up with some other solutions that might be more immediate, affordable, and helpful.

Here is a link to an article with products that might be helpful: Goop

I too needed a few new chairs with this work-from-home concept and Mike-the-chair-guy came to my rescue. He sells high-end used chairs that they pull out of offices closing (Sadly, I think there will be a few of those). Mike-the-chair-guy: ________________

This has been and continues to be a long haul and my heart especially goes out to working parents. I’m working on designing temporary office structures that can be assembled and installed into any space. If you are interested in such a product, please email me a list of things that you would like to see incorporated into the “office,” how much you would spend, and where your space would need to be installed to. Email me at, amy@amyduttonhome.

Stay safe, healthy, and well.


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