Key Measurements for Design Fundamentals

Do you know the key measurements that are required or recommended in architectural design? Often these codes or recommendations will grossly impact the layout of your design. These measurements are key to creating a functional, useful and safe environment in your home. The most commonly focused code/ recommendations are the following: _ Staircases and hallways:… Continue reading Key Measurements for Design Fundamentals

How to Deck Out Your Patio

Outdoor seating can make or break a space! Maximize the use of your space for function and flow. How about some suggestions: 1) BEFORE you create the space, go shopping and decide what furniture you will be putting in the space. Determine your budget for this for the overall budget, then shop. We knew that… Continue reading How to Deck Out Your Patio

Alton Bay Cottage Windows

The Alton Bay Cottage is well under way and looking great. The windows were custom made by Maki Building Center in MA. for an excellent price. While Maki has to stay within the perimeters of what they are outfitted to manufacturer they are basically able to produce any size window or door. Typically, I supply the builder… Continue reading Alton Bay Cottage Windows