Why The Vignette is So Important

Do you know why the vignette is so important? Simply put because it makes for a perfect space!

There is always a bit of client education around the vignette as I get them to think about how we are putting their spaces together. The vignette is space either in a bathroom or kitchen, and it involves flooring, cabinetry, countertops, faucet (plumbing), mirror or window, and lighting (electrical).

As I list these items it also represents six different sub-contractors and getting them scheduled appropriately. The subs will be in twice, once during rough-in and second during final installation which is typically six months apart. This means that your material decisions, especially plumbing and electrical need to be made as early as possible so that everyone understands what is going to happen.

When designing a vignette, I am always thinking of the centerline and the balance of materials. I dimension the centerline from the rough stud wall location and everything is dimensioned from that line. As silly as it sounds, holding off on ordering your mirror will only limit you at the end and you will want to know if your light fixtures are going to mount over the sink or on the sides or be a pendant. All of these small details add up to being equally important.

Our eye is a very discerning organ and will pick up if it is even ½” off-center. That just means that planning makes perfect so plan ahead!


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