Why it is so powerful to repeat a material throughout your home

Have you heard that you should be repeating materials throughout your home, but you aren’t sure why or how? Let’s review how this can take shape by exploring the Steel Farmhouse.


In this home, steel is a primary material that is consistently repeated. Steel is used in the following areas.

  1. monorail staircase,
  2. cantilevered 2nd-floor balconies.
  3. Steel & glass pocket door
  4. Exposed structural beams

The hardness of steel is balanced by the warmth of wood. Wood is equally used visually in these areas:

  1. Stair treads
  2. Countertops in the mudroom and kitchen island
  3. Exposed beams.

Steel naturally creates Black as a focal color that is also used in cabinetry, tile, and plumbing fixtures. The windows are black on the interior as well as the exterior creating clean lines against the white walls.

My theory is that the psychological reason why the repetitious use of materials is impactful is that it is calming to the mind. You will visually expect the use of color and materials as it repeats throughout the house. Your brain registers that you like the patterns and shapes created but it isn’t having to readjust and process.

So, as you are pulling your materials together, make sure that there is consistent color, material, and design element.


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