When To Hire a Designer

There was recently an article written on Houzz.com that got a lot of attention from both designers and homeowners alike titled: “How to Work With an Interior Designer”. Interestingly enough, there are two sides to every story.

Every designer approaches how they work with clients in a different way, have different work ethics and models that they follow. The bottom-line is that you should spend a good amount of time hiring someone who’s business structure aligns with your personality, design aesthetic and work philosophy.

Some basic misconceptions that should be uncovered about interior designers:

1) Our job is just fun, fun, fun! Well, it is fun but not ALL fun. We work extremely hard and it’s not always pretty. Our job is to make you FEEL that it is fun and comes with ease but in actuality, it is kind of like a hotel… it looks pretty on the outside but the back room is not as glamorous.

2) Most designers are very good at design and it comes easy to them. In many respect, it is a “calling” and we are drawn to the three-dimensional creative aspects and functionality of design. On the other hand, we are typically not great business people.

3) It’s probably safe to say that you are getting a great deal when you hire a designer.

Here is our job description and if you are not receiving these service, then you should probably find a new designer:

** Ethical, moral and confidential behavior

Here is the link to the article that I was referring to: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/3293842/list/How-to-Work-With-an-Interior-Designer


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