Create a Welcoming Home

A home should hug you when you walk in.

People have an overwhelming sense when they walk into a house. Most people like to feel that welcoming hug by a home and feel invited to come in and stay. During the holidays, it is really important to consciously create this feeling for you and your guests. Here are a few hints:

1) Light: Turn down your overhead lights and turn on the lamps in the room. Light candles that have a fragrance that is pleasant and festive. Even during the day, this warm, orange, moving glow will brighten a space and create warmth.

2) Think of the Elements: Water, Air, Earth & Fire. By introducing each of these elements to vignettes in your home, it bring people a sense of balance. Remember, it doesn’t need to be a literal translation… think about feathers, mirrors, clear marbles etc.

3) Music: loud or soft, music is that auditory sense that relaxes or excites the soul. Depending on what your goal is, remember that it is your space, your guests and create the mood that you desire.

4) Fragrance: A house that smells good is a house that people want to be in. If your house smells of mold or old food smells, neutralize the odor!

Regardless of your home being modern, traditional or country, use these hints to create a home that will hug you!


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