What is Trending in Tile?

Do you love tile as much as I do? Tile brings inspiration, style, mood, and function to any space. Installation is expensive so you might as well pay for the tile that you want, it won’t break the bank. And if it is crazy expensive, then use it as an accent.

How about we learn a little bit more about the topic (then you can google the rest).


  • I love porcelain for the ability to create whatever it wants to look like a perform beautifully! It can look like wood, concrete, patterns, and textures. With justified straight lines, we can get away with very thin grout lines.
  • Recently, these have come back into fashion and I’m so thrilled. They are glazed with different sheens that are brilliant and interesting. We use a thicker grout line with the biomorphic edges to add another layer of texture.
  • Also come in many different finishes from iridescent, matte, and glossy. The shine and colors are endless bringing interest to the spaces from backsplashes to showers.

Installation techniques:

  • Herringbone. The tile should be dimensioned by 1/3. In other words, 3×9 tiles work great to create this pattern.
  • This pattern is so interesting and should really be pre-cut for installation. The tiler could cut these tiles, but it would be more cost-efficient to buy them factory cut.
  • Large Format. These tiles create almost a “solid” look starting with 12 x 24 all the way up to 30” x 40”. Best to be installed in new construction when you are confident that the subfloor is flat to ensure that the tile won’t break.
  • Mosaic. These come in 12”x 12” sheets and tile smaller in scale. These are the tiles that need to go in the base of a tiled shower. We will either run the same tile on the entire floor or complementary.


When selecting the tile, you must consider how the tile will be installed because it changes the application completely.

  • This application is basically “half” of the tile width. Think good,’ or brick pattern.
  • Take the width of the tile and cut it in thirds. This is a great way to make the room feel larger and keep movement flowing.
  • As the word says, run the tile straight up from either the width or length.

Please join me in the passion of tile. It is fun and exciting and while expensive it is completely worth the investment.



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