How to Shop for Appliances

As we set out for shopping and cooking for, take another look at your appliances. Do they need some upgrading? Or are you in the process of renovating your kitchen? Here is some inside advise on the process:

  1. As you lay out your kitchen go appliance shopping before you commit to your cabinet selection. When you see what is out on the market and how those appliances will impact the flow and function of  your kitchen.
  2. Before you make a down payment to cabinet shop, commit to the appliances by making full payment and requesting that they hold delivery until final install.
  3. When you go to the first appliance place, get the best salesperson that you can find. If you don’t click with that sales person, try to find someone who you feel will work hard for you.
  4. Your salesperson should give you a final print out estimate of the appliances that you selected.
  5. Do your own online research from this appliance list. Read reviews from both homeowners and professionals.
  6. Once you finalize your list and get a final estimate from your salesperson, I recommend emailing this quote to another appliance store and request that they beat the price.
  7. Don’t forget to include the service agreement in your quote!
  8. Once the appliance stores have gone back and forth, make your final selection of vendor. Be sure to get full information of product specifications.

This will give you the ability to save money that you can spend on other items! Let me know if you  have any questions about this process, I’m happy to give some advise!


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