Do You Know Why Pappelina Rugs are the MOST Perfect Rugs?

Do you know why Pappelina Rugs are the most perfect rugs? Quite simply, because they are: functional, beautiful, fun and available at a reasonable price.

Manufactured in Sweden, these woven plastic rugs are available as large as 6’ x 8’’ to 26” x 26”. From solid to the bold designs, the approach is inspiring!

I have a dog, two cats, three kids and one husband… a busy household for sure and my rugs have lasted years under the kitchen sink. They can be thrown into the washer after they have been flipped over. This is my definition of functional.

We carry this amazing line at the Showroom and have many sizes, colors and designs available as well as the ability to custom order. It’s not too late to place a quick custom order for these rugs before the holiday. Keep all the wet snow and water away from your floors and lay down a Pappelina, trust me – you’ll love it!

Let us know if you would like to set up a showroom appointment by emailing: or stop by Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoons.


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