Old Bones Meet New Kitchen

These old bones met a new kitchen for serious updated style

This antique colonial located in New Castle, NH is lucky to have the same homeowners for the last 40 years. They had a kitchen from the 1940’s which means that the cabinets were old but still worked fairly well. The major problem with the kitchen was that there was a 2″ slope down in 12′-0″ from the door to the corner. The homeowner wears ugg boots inside because the kitchen is so cold. 

Demolition was fun! We went to move the refrigerator and the floor boards collapsed! As we moved through demo, it was determined that we needed to literally pour a new “rat slab” or crawl space slab under the kitchen floor, pour a new foundation wall and build new floor joists that can be insulated. It is a significant amount of reconstruction that was not visible or budgeted. 

As we discovered during demolition of the bathroom, we needed to basically rip up the entire floor and rebuild the floor system. There is a lot that our eyes cannot see until demolition and it’s the scariest part of working on old houses both financially, organizing staff and creating an accurate timeline. 

The finished project however is beautiful, clean, warm and solid! The new layout provides island seating and cooking as well as additional counter space and a desk. With lighter finishes on the cabinetry, countertops, flooring and new windows, the kitchen feels light, airy and inspirational while relaxing.

Let me know if you want to design a kitchen with me. Trust me, I love details!


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