Do You Love Your Bathtub?

Do you have a bathtub that you enjoy?  If not, think about creating that relaxing and lovely space just for you!

Basically, there is a standard “rule” that you have to have a tub in your house in order to sell it. This is true and  I have seen many clients struggle with this “rule”. But why not bend the rules? The tub doesn’t have to be in your master bath and it doesn’t have to be the standard jet tub.

How about choose a tub that is interesting, fun and can be used as a piece of art?

I have clients who just bought a $7,000 tub that was used a handful of times from the Restore for $2,400! It’s a great buy (and cause) and find, but what is even better is the plan that we have put together for lighting and artwork that will accent the tub.

I live in a small home so space is tight in bathrooms, and I knew that I wouldn’t have room in my master bath for a tub so I put it in the mudroom bathroom. Why not? I’m following all the rules, I have a tub in the house and it is awesome!  Here are some more  ideas from Houzz. 


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