How to Create a Different TV Viewing Experience

This classy Ocean Cottage is far too pretty to be looking at TV’s! After all, the view, materials, gardens and overall design is exactly what we want people to look at and enjoy. But, what if there is a game on?

I spend a lot of time talking about TV placement with my clients. We typically locate the TV’s early in the project because the electrician has to wire everything. If planning is not done in advance, chaos on the job site and exposed wires are usually the result. Planning ahead allows you time to consider many options.

This home offers 5 different alternatives to looking at a blank TV screen:

  1. Mirror Flipping to TV in the Living Room. We installed a TV mount, where the area has two functions, one side functions as a mirror, adding elegance to the home, while the other, adds functionality, the television. This process is electronic, so with a tap of the iPad, the mirror flips upside down for the TV that is mounted on the back. Another tap and the TV flips back into a mirror.
  2. Oven Cabinet with automatic door. The door flips up allowing for clean TV viewing. Then, with a click of a button on the cabinet the door automatically closes (note: it opens up too high to reach). This TV flip is a great feature that appeals to anyone who enjoys watching the news with their morning coffee, but one who also does not want the television as a focal point of a beautiful kitchen for the remainder of the day.
  3. Wall Mounted Cabinet on the Sun/Screen Porch. This TV is completely weatherproof, and the shutters open for clear viewing. But you just want to listen to the ocean and chat with friends, the TV tucks away nicely. For information on this shutter design cabinet go to Ballard Designs.
  4. Blanket Chest with TV Lift at the base of the Master Bed.This master bedroom is not large and there was not an opportunity to hang a TV on the wall, so we designed a “Blanket Chest” to match the bed with matching nightstands. With a click of a button, the TV lifts up for easy viewing from the bed. The view to the ocean is unobstructed unless the TV is up.
  5. Corner Cabinet in the Dining Room. While this is the most straightforward of all the pieces, it is still functional and was edited to be built-in by trimming out the baseboard and door trim as well as editing the back of the cabinet for wiring. Yes, this came with glass doors and we covered them with privacy glass peel-and-stick from amazon or Lowe’s. For information on the corner cabinet used in this project go to Wayfair.


All of these options are great for any space and a combination of them is a fine detail that creates a custom and functional home. For more ideas and inspiration on ways to hide the television in your home visit Architectural digest.


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