Horizontal Outlets Paired with Subway Tiles Create the Perfect Marriage

Do you know why horizontal outlets paired with subway tiles create a perfect marriage?

Quite simply, because they are basically the same shape.

When using a subway tile backsplash, the best installation is to have the outlets installed horizontally so that they will blend gracefully together. While it’s just about impossible to have the pattern fall perfectly, the horizontal pattern is not interrupted by the traditional vertical application of an outlet keeping the eye calm and accomplishing balance in the subtlest way.

The key is forethought and planning. It’s important to notify your electrician that this is your goal before wiring even starts.

The distance between the countertop and the window sill can often be tricky because we want the windows to be installed as low as possible for maximum light. Due to code, there has to be an outlet within 24’ of the sink. So, with a large window that means that the outlet will fall between the countertop and window sill. In this case, horizontal installation is the only reasonable solution and it looks amazing.

It’s often these small details that pull a kitchen together. The goal is actually not to have the outlets stand out but rather sit in the background and work for you.

Even though these tiles all look like white subway tiles, they are actually all quite different and interact with the cabinetry and countertops in their own way. I encourage you to consider every little detail when working on your kitchen. And if you need a hand, give me a buzz.


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