How to Design The Perfect Living Room

When designing a Living Room space it is important to know what exactly your goals are for the space.  Do you want to be alone and read or entertain 20 people? Do you want it to feel casual or formal? Typically, I like the flexibility of  being comfortable to sit in the space alone or with one other person as well as entertaining several people in the living room.  This can be done but you need to think about it very consciously.  This is a great article that will help you when designing a Living Room that helps you think about dimensions and function.

I also think that designing a Living Room space should portray your personality and add some interest to the space. Bringing in a colorful armchair and pillows brings life and interest to the space. Here are some more images to provide inspiration. And don’t forget, I can help you design pillows for your space as well. Check out our “products” at the bottom of the page.


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