Decorative accents you can add to your home

Are you looking for a way to pull the details of your home together and add decorative accents?

While I don’t consider myself very good at decorating, here a few tried and true ways to bring interest to your home at a low impact and investment.


Artwork is one of those very personal choices that can strongly impact the space. I would consider this a research or hunting project. When traveling, always make it a point to look for local artwork. Do your research on the artist if you are going to invest larger sums of money. Lastly, (and don’t take this as critical) family photos and photos of the kids are not actually artwork. They are photos. My suggestion is to put them on one wall and watch your children grow up in one space then buy artwork for those other spaces.


Shelves provide a wonderful space for you to display smaller collectibles or smaller pieces that you pick up when traveling. Remember to play with varying heights when considering what to put on the shelves. Glass shelves can be cut custom from the glass company or wood shelves can be created from a custom cabinet shop or simply pick them up at Lowes.


You can check out my blog on wallpaper for more detail. Wallpaper and decals are wonderful ways to spice up a space for relatively short money. You can just wallpaper one wall and paint the other walls as a complementary color.


An accent wall (just one wall in the room) is one way to really bring a statement into the space. It can be bold or subtle. If all the other walls are white and you paint the accent wall something like Benjamin Moore Hale Navy it’s a statement for sure. Or you can paint all the walls, Coventry Grey, then Edgecomb Grey as an accent wall for a more subtle touch.

Regardless of your choice of decorative accent, it should be intentional and thoughtful. This is your opportunity to express yourself and the personality of the home that you want to portray. It can easily be changed as you change so don’t be afraid of making a mistake.

Have fun!


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