Why an Electrical Plan is Important

Do you know why an electrical plan is so important? If you guessed to save you money, you are right!

Typically, we draw the electrical plan as part of the construction drawings so that the contractor can get a rough estimate from the electrician prior to starting construction. Once the electrician has been selected from his submitted bid and the walls have been framed, the electrician will come in for rough. This is the most important part because all wires are run and light fixtures are located. All light fixtures need to be selected by rough!

The lighting selections are complex and you want to make sure that everything is wired properly for location purposes. If you wait to purchase lighting, you will be very limited in your selections. Pendants and sconces are key to spacing centerline up and down as well as side to side. Centerline refers to the center of the fixture but not all fixtures are wired directly from the center so discuss your desired finish fixture location with your electrician by having the physical fixture out and on-site when you locate pendant and sconces.

When your fixture arrives, open it immediately. Inspect the finish and glass to make sure it is exactly what you want. You cannot return anything that is installed. Often there is a restocking fee on returned items but it’s still best to order, receive, inspect vs. waiting until the last minute and have to wire and install something you don’t love.

Want to know our favorite lighting resources? Here you go:


We sell lighting to our clients in a format of providing them with a presentation of options. Otherwise, our clients will simply run their ideas by us and we approve their selections and they purchase on their own.


While it can be complex, lean into the project and have fun with it!

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