How to Create a Vignette

I am often asked how to create a room that is warm, inviting, beautiful and feels like home. Actually, it is very simple, I suggest using Four Elements in the vignettes that you create throughout your home.

Historically, it’s important to understand the structure of a tree. The roots absorb water and minerals necessary for growth from earth (the elements of water and earth). The tree breathes through its leaves (the element of air) and receives light and warmth from sunbeams (the element of fire).

  1. FIRE:  Brings an element of vibrancy and movement. Candles, metals and fireplaces are great ways to introduce this element.
  2. AIR: Brings a lightness and understanding. Feathers, negative space and glass create the space for air to be in a room.
  3. WATER :  Brings trust and devotion to a space. Vases with water, crystals, mirrors and glass are the best ways to introduce water.  Blue, white and silver are good colors to use when introducing “water”.
  4. EARTH: Provides consistency and firmness. One of the easiest things for us to understand, soil, plants and wood are wonderful elements to have in every space.

When pulling together your vignettes remember the four elements but also think carefully about color, texture and  a variety of materials that sing together! Let me know if I can be of any help while you are working hard on pulling these pieces together!




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