5 Steps to Pulling Together Your Home for the Holidays

“Home for the Holidays” is such a great saying and an even better reality! I suggest using this time of year as an opportunity to improving your home where improvements are needed. That way, after you clean up your holiday decorations, your home is fresh and ready for the new year.

  1. Start outside. The weather only gets colder so start hanging lights in November. You can turn them on after Black Friday. Beautiful lights bring joy and life to a house.
  2. Pull out your Christmas boxes and evaluate what type of theme you would like to pursue this season. Just because you have boxes and boxes of different decorations, it doesn’t mean that you should use absolutely everything. Choose a theme and stay with it!
  3. Once you have decided to go with organic or shiny or colorful or something else, set up sweet vignettes that are pleasant to the eye.
  4. You might need to fill in with a few things like additional lights or trays or additional ornaments. When you are deciding on where to shop, I suggest staying local so that you can touch and feel. Target is a great resource for inexpensive items and the amy dutton showroom has unique and special items to bring charm to the home.
  5. Music sets the mood. Let it flow until New Years!

Happy Holidays to you and yours…


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