How To Make Your Interior Bright & Beautiful Throughout the Winter

As we begin to hunker down for the winter and resolve to spend more time indoors, I thought I would put together a list of what I do to create a cozy home for the winter.


I love gardening and it’s important to me to continue to keep my thumb green. So, I bring in all the outdoor plants that I can and either put them “to bed” in the basement for a winter nap – geraniums and dahlia bulbs – or simply space them out inside the house from bathrooms to the kitchen counter. Water them once a week and turn the pot to rotate sun exposure. I also do a lot of propagating which I find to be quite fun and gives me the ability to pot up a plant from time to time.


Decorating my dining room table, or desiging a tablescape, offers a small way for me to exercise some creativity. My dining room table is never naked. It always has a thoughtful arrangement of textile, plants, candles, and twinkle lights. It might change if there is a holiday but adding light, texture, and plantlife turns a boring flat surface into a dynamic focal point in the room.


What can I say, I’m a huge fan! This is the least expensive way to buy happiness. I have a few that I plug in and you can set the pattern of how they twinkle. I have them on my kitchen counter, living room console, and in the family room. If you visit our studio, you will also be greeted with the infamous twinkle light. Go ahead, smile!


Not only do candles provide natural light and warmth to create a calm mood, but they also add a fragrance of choice. Win, win, win. I usually light one scented candle at a time and try to purchase only natural candles. My daughter has a collection of interesting unscented candles to add more natural light to a room without overwhelming the throw of a scented candle. If I have time, I make candles in old candle containers so that I can control the scent (yes, I have a very sensitive olfactory system). Try to vary your candles with shape, height, and size. If they are all the same, you can put one or two of them on a little block, book, or something else to raise them up to vary the height. Our family loves Brooklyn Candle Studio, Barr and Co., and any candles from our friends at Gus and Ruby!


A diffuser or incense holder is another way to add a scent to the house that can also control the mood. Try to stay as natural and pure with your essential oils – I’m a big fan of Young Living, or a Naturopath can point you in the direction of pure essential oils. I use these to make my candles as well.


I tend to strip my house of most of our textiles and fabrics in the summer. This helps make our home feel brighter and cooler (which might just be an illusion but still…) So this time of year, I bring everything back out of storage. Make sure it is all clean, fresh, and ready to create a nice cozy space.

All winter long I design, spending A LOT of time in front of the computer. I love the design process and find that the winter months are super productive for me. I’m just settling in now for a busy winter of designing and getting ready for Spring ‘22 builds.  I’m happy to have both my home and studio lit well, smelling good, and filled with plants to keep me motivated and inspired.

Images from Kali Home and The Chic(ish) Chick.


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