Tiny House Meets Barn

This tiny house meets a barn to create a house that is perfect for the homeowners needs.

The original house dates the 1950’s and was built as a small two bedrooms, one bath with kitchen/ dining and living room. Somewhere in the 1980’s someone added on a larger kitchen / dining out of a poor cinder block foundation which simply didn’t function well. But for current living and investment standards in the Seacoast, it simply doesn’t add up for this house located a few blocks away from Cable Beach in Rye, NH.

The homeowners are not only extremely handy themselves but also have a unique perspective and inspiration from the Pacific Northwest which made for amazing clients.

The challenge was how to add on to the original house in both a cost-efficient way without invading on the existing house too much as well as not overpowering the house in scale.

As I got into the drawings, I realized that there was no way to dormer the existing house to make it function well because even at the ridge we only had 6’4” height. So we quickly came up with the concept to add on a “barn style” addition to gain the space that was needed.

Barn Addition

This Barn contains a two-car garage, a kitchen, dining room as well as master suite on the second floor. The house is now a three bedroom, two full bath house which not only more appropriate for the homeowner’s needs but also staying true to the neighborhood and a solid investment for resale.

The materials are intriguing…

The homeowner was the one to hand-paint & prime the board and bat siding a dark brown color that we worked very hard on. The windows in the front were relatively new with white trim kit but the homeowners really like (reasonably so) the black trim kit. So, the windows in the barn are all black as well as the windows in the back of the existing house.

This little detail is the one that pulls the entire home together. Along with the wood ceiling and wood interior trim in the kitchen/ dining brining the Northwest home to the Northeast

The icing on the top?

The landscaping completed by Hale’s Landscaping. Steve and John Hale are SO talented. They retained grade by creating a granite stone bench for additional seating, exposed rock with lyceum and moss and a stunning patio. Watch the upcoming blogs for more photos (professionally done next time) and more inspiring stories.


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