Say “Yes, Please!” to a Kitchen Pantry

Say “Yes, Please!” to a Kitchen Pantry, and Create Unexpected Space-Efficiency, Flexibility & Flow

There is no doubt a pantry in the kitchen can provide excellent functional storage. But if you have limited square footage to work with in your overall design – is it worth giving up space in the kitchen to create a pantry? This is a question everyone should ask before embarking on a kitchen design from scratch, or even a kitchen update or renovation. In the vast majority of cases, my answer is “yes, please!” to a pantry.

Here are three tremendous reasons I frequently conclude that a pantry is a winning solution to the challenge of creating a gorgeous and functional kitchen. This approach accommodates all the hard work that is done in a kitchen – while keeping lots of possibilities open for entertaining that you might enjoy on occasion.

A pantry is a great way to keep the hardworking appliances and extra large items and accessories out of every-day view but at the ready whenever you need them.

Incorporating a pantry in your kitchen design can save you money!

Saving money holds great appeal to most people embarking on a major design/build or renovation project. There a lot of areas where costs could escalate, depending on your choices along the way. So, I love to look for opportunities where I can make smart recommendations to my clients that save their money and end up helping me create the kitchen of their dreams at the same.

With a pantry, storage is more efficient because open shelves and counter space provide flexibility as your needs change over time. And if you tend do get a little messy with all of your favorite kitchen gadgets and appliances while they’re stowed away, you just close the door to the pantry and you’re not distracted by visual clutter of stray blender or food processor cords that you hadn’t neatly wrapped and tucked away.

There’s no hiding in a pantry

In a well designed pantry there is no hiding for your favorite lemon zester, your juicer or that clever crème brulee torch you use just a couple times every year. What so many people love about a pantry is that you can see everything – and as a result its so much easier to find what you need, whether its an item you use daily or annually.

A pantry makes for wonderful flow & functionality

When clients decide on a pantry as a part of their kitchen design – it transforms many other elements in the process. The flow of the design can be much more fun, and social to the adjoining space. This usually works so well for entertaining and makes for a more enjoyable everyday kitchen space as well.

It allows you to accomplish whatever you envision in that space – whether your enjoying a cookie baking party with the mixers, baking sheets and cookie cutters spread out for a day of hard work and creative productivity – or an elegant brunch with space open and available to present a tray of mimosas, an assortment of quiche and a lovely bouquet of flowers on center stage so your guests can relax and mingle. A pantry makes all things possible! Your kitchen can do double duty for serious cooking or social entertaining depending on your desires.

One of the special things I love about this kitchen is that it is actually the original kitchen space in the home. After much consideration, the contractors did very little with this space (aside from the major work of constructing a new roof and ceiling above it). The homeowners painted the cabinets and installed a newer but less expensive countertop and backsplash, making the project very budget-friendly. There is a fun pocket door to hide the mess and any sounds from the dishwasher as well.

All this allows for a kitchen that is small, efficient and open to the great room for a really enjoyable overall flow. The only items in the main area of the kitchen are a massive island with sink, refrigerator and stove/ cooktop/ microwave. And to top it off – the kitchen was cost-saving due to there being fewer cabinets to buy overall. All thanks to incorporating a pantry!



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