Be an Educated Consumer, Part 1

If you have done a large building project, do you know what you actually bought? We are very educated consumers, but when it comes to our largest investment, people will often trust the contractor until there is a frustration point.Let’s discuss how to avoid expensive and emotional pitfalls.

To start…Hire a contractor on the following – NOT square footage price or overall bid.

a) Reputation – talk to everyone you know and use the internet to research reputation.

b) Referrals – call every single referral and ask very intentional questions that are important to you.

c) Portfolio – ask to physically walk through 2-3 projects. Contractors should have good relationships with their old clients.

Ultimately, your project should pretty much cost the same regardless of who you hire (depending on overhead). I would suggest getting a broad base budget but don’t hire on the number.  This is a vital piece to the experience and final product of your home so know what your are investing in!


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