Dunne’s Ice Cream

Dunne's Ice Cream Design 4

What could possibly be more fun than designing a traditional Maine cottage style ice cream shop? Although there’s nothing that symbolizes lazy days of summer more than ice cream, this project kept us on our toes. Located near Nubble Light in York Beach, Maine, it was important that the shop blend into the landscape architecturally, but also be strategically placed on the lot for high traffic visibility. As with all commercial projects, we needed permitting review and approval from both state and town, making sure we were in compliance with all codes and regulations. Commercial construction projects can also present a unique response from surrounding neighbors, so we were sensitive to that as well. Because the nubble was 100% bedrock, there were grade issues to work out, and also considerations around the surrounding wetlands and creating the largest parking lot the land would allow. Add to this that since it is a summer business, all construction needed to happen in the middle of winter! But the end result is a summer dream, with a hip roof complete with a cupola and an ice cream weathervane. We used windows from Harvey Building Products, Seacoast Grey painted cedar shingles from Cabot, and Genest stone veneer for the columns.

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