How Pattern and Materials connect Interiors to Exteriors

Are you looking to create a home that is connected and cohesive from the exterior to the interior? In the Steel Farmhouse, we used very specific items to pull everything together intentionally.


  1. Steel – structural steel makes for an efficiently built home and provides the color black to use as a focal and clean color.
  2. Repeat color and texture throughout each space. Black, white, blue, wood, herringbone all work together to create balance and interest.
  3. Tile installation and grout color make simple selections stand out. Porcelain tile is very cost-efficient, so we decided to stay that route and install it in an inspiring way. With dark grout creating dark lines to replicate the steel, the stack installation creates movement. We will be weaving the herringbone floor tile with the wood floor blending from the kitchen to Great Room.

As the house design comes together, we are able to utilize these materials and they make subsequent design decisions easier. For example, as we are selecting hardware and lighting, we know that we will stay with the black and gold finishes. And the siding will be white therefore so will the interior wall colors.

There are a LOT of decisions that you have to make when designing and building, so repeating the materials just changing them in scale, texture, the color will make your process so much easier!


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