September 05, 2015

Every now and then, I am given the opportunity to think about ALL the details in a project – from the outside to the inside. This “Beachy Cottage” was one of those amazing opportunities. Not to mention I had a truly wonderful client.

I am a big believer in working collaboratively with the homeowner and contractor to bring to fruition the very best project possible. Nate Scott of Scott Builders is a great contractor who pays attention to detail!

With this kind of collaboration, we considered every single window, bracket detail, lighting, roof overhang, and material selection that is visible in this photo. Notice the following:

  • The Maibec, Seacoast Grey shingles are lighter than the Azec Decking. This is because the darker color of the decking grounds the visual experience.
  • The white window trim, overhang, brackets and railings are all the same color of white. This consistency is important as it pulls everything together into a cohesive visual.
  • The curve of the lights and the dark finish off-sets the light siding. It is important to have certain elements stand out and create visual interest.
  • The railing at the front of the house is only cable so that it does not interfere with the ocean view. The side elevation actually needed the weight of the white spindles to add a bit more privacy.

This project was so rewarding because I feel like it tapped into my strongest talents while also pushing me to expand my design horizon.