How to Create Color Concepts

Pulling together color concepts is fun, challenging and time consuming. But, where to begin, where to begin? Well, choose ONE thing that you absolutely love and work around that until all the pieces pull together beautifully. Remember, you need to be flexible and be willing to change direction here and there. With the “Beachy Cottage”… Continue reading How to Create Color Concepts

Fabric of the Week: Rocky Mountain

This simple fabric is great for lampshades! It is fun and provides movement in several different color ways ranging from the tone-on-tone to the bold contrast. When looking at fabric, it is important to notice HOW colors impact a specific pattern. Tone-on-tone are colors that are different from each other but the same hue or… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Rocky Mountain

Fabric of the Week: DILLY

This line of fabric is originally an antique line drawing of daffodils from 1840. These drawings were done as artistic renderings showing the process of drawing a daffodil. The result is a fun movement of geometric shapes that create an organic shape of a flower. Great in wrapping paper or fabric, this design changes dramatically with… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: DILLY

How to Create the Best Banquette!

There is no argument, banquettes are awesome! Why? They invite people to be comfortable and relax into the moment that they are enjoying. These spaces allow us to introduce color in upholstery and pillows that accent the space. Here are some more ideas that might spark some interest for you. I love this photo of… Continue reading How to Create the Best Banquette!

Fabric of the Week: Beta Babe

Beta Fish are graceful and beautiful fish that look like they are wearing silk blowing dresses! They are the inspiration for this fabric pattern. Beta Fish are known to be blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, black, green, and red. The most beautiful are a sweet blend of these colors. Shown here as a valance it… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Beta Babe

Throwback Thursday: The Shed!

This shed is at our Gallery in Kittery, Maine and was originally the chicken coop on the property. It is located at the back of the property between the Black Birch restaurant and our amazing patio built by Hale’s Landscaping. When we first bought the property, my girls were 6 and 9 and decided that this should… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Shed!

Throwback Thursdays: Birch Trees

For many reasons, birch trees bring people a sense of peace and inspiration. I wanted to figure out what this feeling actually comes from. The early uses were for shelter, paper, buckets, plates and canoes but also medicinally. Wintergreen Oil is extracted from the twigs. The tree was also believed to be immune to lighting strikes.… Continue reading Throwback Thursdays: Birch Trees

How to Deck Out Your Patio

Outdoor seating can make or break a space! Maximize the use of your space for function and flow. How about some suggestions: 1) BEFORE you create the space, go shopping and decide what furniture you will be putting in the space. Determine your budget for this for the overall budget, then shop. We knew that… Continue reading How to Deck Out Your Patio

Fabric of the Week: Elle

Inspired by the New Zealand Maori native design, this fabric blends the graphic and nature to create an Organic Modern pattern. The design is a spiritual design symbolizing eternity. The cross replicates many religions crosses while the other flowing lines represents mountains and rivers to create an eternal line that does not end. This rich with Maori… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Elle