Isn’t wallpaper wonderful? I find wallpaper to be inspiring, creative and completely creates the design aesthetic.

Wallpaper has made a resurgence from the many previous decades of popularity having gone through a bit of a hiatus in the 2000s. Paint and design companies alike have hit the scene hard and fast. I have found that regardless of your taste or budget, there is something out there for you.

For a while, it was a bit of a lost art and wallpaper hangers were hard to come by when this resurgence began. But, the trades have caught up, and lucky for those installers, they can name their price because it is NOT an easy job. Here is why:

  1. The repeat of the design determines the yardage/rolls required for the job. Matching up these repeats is not easy and takes a keen eye to make sure it is spot-on perfect. The human eye can pick up any lapse in connection very easily so always pay for the professional and get it done right.
  2. We recently attempted to install paper on an 85-degree day with 100% humidity. Nope! That did not happen. While we could have done it, there was a better chance that it would have failed or fallen, resulting in us repeating the ordering process, time, and materials. Best to hold off a few days and make sure that the conditions are right.
  3. Physical Labor. It is physically very difficult to hang paper. It’s not for the faint of heart and ironically, most hangers do this job all on their own. Honestly, it’s still a mystery to me how they do it but regardless, it always turns out spectacular.


The price of wallpaper ranges dramatically and will be determined by the quality and the vendor. Buying very inexpensive wallpaper typically reflects the low quality. Since it is expensive to pay for the wallpaper hanger, it usually is not worth buying something low quality because there will be flaws in the paper and you end up using more paper – hence, spending more money.

Very expensive wallpaper should be reflected in quality, design, and material. For example, my client just installed silk wallpaper with gold accent paint, costing $260/yard.


Buying wallpaper online is typical and efficient, just be sure to order it early so that you can make sure that you like it. Companies like Serena & LilyAnthropologieLulu & GeorginaFarrow & Ball and Hygge and West are my favorite.

You can also purchase from retailers such as A&M Paint Store, Sherwin Williams, and Weekender House. If you are looking for unique and higher-end papers, the Boston Design Center houses several companies such as Holly Hunt and Kravet that have beautiful papers.


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