Leaf Peepers Prepare for Portsmouth – A Must Do List

We are lucky enough to live in an area that has robust seasons that shout out to you for attention. Fall roars in with vivid colors of red, orange, and yellow to take your breath away.


As locals, we chuckle a bit at the busloads of people who flock to the region to experience the leaf season. But honestly, the tourists have it right, it is spectacular and deserves our attention.

Here are some key places to go to enjoy the beauty of leaves:

  1. Mount Agamenticus. Take Blueberry Trail up and enjoy the vista over Portsmouth, NH to York, Maine. There are actually 3 mountains with trails that run from Kittery will into York.
  2. Mount Major. On your way to Gunstock, this mountain is a nice climb with views of the whites in full color the first few weeks of October.
  3. Check out this amazing resource of NH white mountains, here.
  4. Here are some wonderful breweries to visit after a nice long hike and enjoying the leaves, here.
  5. Mid-coast Maine: my favorite place to see leaves in the Mid-coast is the summit of Mt. Battie in Camden, Maine, here.
  6. Micro-breweries in Portsmouth. If you are local or staying in Portsmouth, NH then wet your whistle after viewing the leaves at one of these wonderful places, here.
  7. Walking from New Castle, NH into Portsmouth over the causeway in the fall at sunset is a true gift. You are welcome!

So instead of rushing to wherever you are going, join the tourist and stop the car on the side of the road and breath in the awe that the leaves present. We all know that with one large storm, they will blow away. Soon, they will be gone and we will be left with shades of grey and brown – far less inspiring. Enjoy this while we can!



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