Camp Merrowvista is Home Away from Home!

Winter of 2019 we had the pleasure of working with the Camp Merrowvista staff on a renovation project. Camp Merrowvista holds a special place in my heart as it’s where my daughter grew up every summer both physically and emotionally.


Merrowvista located in Center Tuftonboro, NH on Danhole Pond in the White Mountains is a sister camp to Camp Minniwanke in Michigan creating the American Youth Foundation (AYF). Their entire foundation is based on “Four Folds” or fundamental characteristics of life: 1- Social, 2- Spiritual, 3- Physical, 4-Intellectual. These “Four Folds” challenge campers and leaders alike to be responsible citizens in the world.


We were invited to help Merrowvista for a Farmhouse renovation. The goal to accomplish a more welcoming and functional space for both staff and parents. Campers are typically kept to the entire rest of camp while the Farmhouse remains a completely functional and necessary hub of busy activity 12 months out of the year.


We measured the space, drew existing conditions and recommended a revised floor plan with as little movement in walls as possible for the highest return. We wanted to avoid an addition while still providing space required by the different divisions of the camp. Merrowvista is a non-profit who is incredibly responsible with their donations and would rather keep funds appropriately allocated to scholarships as well as keep the camp running in an appropriate way.


As a parent, I’ve always been so impressed by the beauty of Merrowvista. The indoor and outdoor facilities are amazing from the Dining Hall, Activity Center and the Waterfront Facility – all donated by sponsors.  Natural wood and organic design is consistently at the core . It almost feels like The Farmhouse is the final place that needs some love and attention for the staff to be able to function efficiently and with an outward face to the Merrowvista Community


As a parent, I would drop off my daughter at the beginning of camp and she would be filled with anxiety and excitement only to pick her up again weeks later filled with sheer joy, passion and stories of humor, life experience and love. This summer, she was planning on having the pleasure of working for Merrowvista and was thrilled to her core! Unfortunately due to COVID-19 her job is cancelled, but that doesn’t mean Merrowvista doesn’t still need help! Click here to donate to Merrowvista and help them to survive another summer, looking forward to summer 2021!



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