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I first met Lisa Teague of Quiet Home Paints through a mutual friend and immediately knew that her design aesthetic perfectly complimented mine. I’ve always admired her work and believe that supporting other local designers helps the design industry of the Seacoast, so I thought I would write a blog post about her.

She started her career as a decorative painter over 25 years ago. Lisa, like me, was lucky to have clients that allowed her to use their homes as a blank canvas to develop and master her skills as a surface designer and painter. After working in the south of France and travelling the world, she found that working with her daughter, Andi, makes her the happiest. Lisa wanted to develop her paint design business using her non-toxic paint products, and Andi’s marketing and artistry expertise made the perfect mother-daughter duo.

The philosophy of Quiet Home Paints is summed up perfectly by their tagline, “naturally safe, simply beautiful.” They are a mother/daughter team that believes design should be beautiful, safe, and environmentally responsible. Their business model lives through their products, packaging, and even marketing materials. Quiet Home Paints are a truly non-toxic product, with no nasty carcinogenic binders in the products that many other paints have. What makes QHP special is that it isn’t just a line of paint. Lisa, as the design partner, took her years of as a color consultant and a painter and created color lines with true design knowledge and experience behind them.

When you work with Lisa for design, she typically recommends Quiet Home Paints. As a client, you can choose to work with colors from any large company, but why do that when you can have custom mixed and non-toxic paint from the designer herself?

To get in touch with Lisa at Quiet Home Paints, you can head to their website, www.quiethomepaints.com. You can order samples and paint right on-line and the paint shows up at your door step a few days later. To see Lisa’s design portfolio and check out some of her other services, head on over to www.lisateague.com!

Instagram: @lisateaguestudios

Twitter: @ltsdesigns

Find her on facebook as well!


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