Friday’s Find: Looking for the Best Coffee Table

Are you looking for the perfect coffee table? They are surprisingly not easy to find so here are some guidelines:

1) Size – choose something that fits your space appropriately. You should have about 12 – 15″ between your seating to the coffee table all around. Also, make sure it is not too high or it will hurt your legs when you have your feet up.

2) Shape – coffee tables can be shin-killers if they are sharp and they hit your leg at the wrong point. Try to find a shaped coffee table that is interesting and functional for you.

3) Finish – remember that this piece of furniture not only needs to look good but also will get a lot of use between drinks, food and feet. This table is reclaimed wood, a perfect finish for a coffee table.

We recently sold this table but can easily replicate this perfect coffee table for you. Here are some other ideas that might give you some inspiration and direction.


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