Custom Cabinet Classics

Why spend the money for custom cabinet classics, you ask? Well, read on and I’ll fill you in on the secrets and successes of custom cabinetry.


It is true, custom cabinetry is more expensive than box cabinetry. There are two reasons to go with custom cabinetry and spend the extra cash:

  1. If your space is small or unique, in that you know that box cabinets will reduce the options and productivity of your space.
  2. If you want the highest quality of woodworking and state of the art hardware. We often work with Richelieu, a company selling the leading specialty hardware in the market, when working on custom cabinet projects.


Box cabinetry comes in 3” increments with fillers to offset when the math doesn’t add up perfectly. They are also 24” deep base cabinets and 12” upper cabinets. These limitations often result in a great deal of wasted space and limited options in some circumstances.

  • EXISTING SPACE: If your space is old (as many spaces in New England are) and your walls aren’t necessarily flat, that means that you will lose inches of storage. However, with custom cabinets, the back of the cabinet can be adjusted to accommodate any requirements needed.
  • APPLIANCES: All appliances come with specific manufacturer specifications that cannot be changed. Box cabinets are often bought and then the appliance (i.e. the refrigerator) is simply slid into place leaving gaps at the top and sides. With custom cabinets, the cabinet is built around the appliance. This is important for all appliances, especially the cooktop and hood, which are very difficult to adjust around cabinets in order to accommodate the electrical and gas connections.


  • Finishes + Materials: These are very important to consider in relationship to everythingelse in the space, most especially the flooring and countertops. Backsplash tile and wall color are also very important to consider to your project as well.
  • Quality: All custom cabinets are made of the best quality wood and finishes. Remember that the back of the island is a place that gets kicked so consider not making this white painted finish. We often suggest the use of wood that can take some abuse, and can easily be retouched.
  • State of the Art Hardware: Between hands-free trash drawers, unique | customized pantry systems, sliding doors to hide appliances, or even upper cabinetry, and touch latch panels under the countertops to add storage, the world is at your fingertips. Most of these hardware options involve edits to cabinetry, which is easily done with custom cabinets. Hafele is another company we often use when designing hardware and kitchen solutions to projects.


In my experience, when I price out cabinetry, the minute you go to edit a cabinet (either the size or to accommodate hardware) you might as well pay the price for a custom cabinet. Box cabinetry is appropriate for those spaces that have perfect walls, enough space to afford losing a few inches for fillers, appliances fit into the standard openings, and budgets that don’t allow for upgrades.

Trust me, cabinetry upgrades are a very wise investment for your home. You will appreciate the investment for decades to come. Let me know if you want to work on your cabinetry project together!


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