How to Choose Tile Layout

Why do you think some tiles “dance” and other tiles just sit and wait to be walked all over? Simple. It’s the layout!

Before purchasing your tile, be sure to have a long conversation with either the tile salesperson, the tile installer or your designer to figure out the most appropriate layout for the tile. The layout will ultimately determine the quantity that you order and how it will read or experience.

In this photo, these beautiful glass tiles from Italy speak for themselves. We were going for the “Beachy Cottage” feel in a luxury bathroom. The shower is 6′ x 4′ with two shower heads and a steam shower component complete with aromatherapy.

The layout reads mathematical – the top row is white vertical 4×12’s, a blue spacer bar then a 4×8 horizontal green subway pattern to equal 24″, a blue spacer bar, then 4×4 white tiles. The ceiling is also white 4×4’s but on the angle. Lastly, the floor is flat rock mosaics the blend all the colors from the room.  This was carefully drawn out prior to ordering plus 10% in order to verify that the layout would work.

Here are some more pointers for you when laying out your tile.


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