A Functional Hallway

As a design rule of thumb, I try to avoid using hallways because it can be a huge waste of space.

So, I’m always moving walls around to create the shorted approach to any space.


When doing an addition, it is always the challenge of what space to give up from the existing house to access the addition. In this project “New Englander Meets Modern”, on the second floor, I decided to eliminate the old bathroom that was small and cramped with a chimney going through it and use this as an access point to the addition. We removed the chimney (a new heating system allowed us to direct vent out the basement wall) and since there would be no window in the space, this was the perfect location for 42” wide hallway. Since this was a bit too wide for a simple hallway (code is 36”) so the cabinetry was designed to create a functional hallway. This area of cabinetry is used for a linen cabinet. We needed to keep this as an access point to the attic, so the middle cabinet is lower to allow for ladder access and created a lovely shelf for photos.


On the first floor, the hallway we created by the structural record and the new laundry / bathroom wall. This hallway was 52” wide, so we took full advance for storage and function in this space as entering the kitchen. We created three pantry full-height, pull-out storage units and a bar. The large cabinet next to bar has a roll out shelf with an outlet at the back for an electric teapot. This is also the location that the record player plugs into.  The microwave is also located in this cabinet.


This is nothing like utilizing every inch of space, it’s one of my favorite things to do. This project was incredibly rewarding to create two hallways that function as storage and useful spaces for a family living in downtown Portsmouth, NH.


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