6 Key Morning Routines to Keep You Going During COVID-19 Crises Lockdown

Have you established your new morning routine for this COVID19 lockdown? I have found my new routine is setting my mind straight and ready for the day.

On March 6th, we went on vacation to the Bahamas, meeting our daughter, Kate who goes to KU for her spring break then my other daughter, Elle joined us on March 12 for her spring break from GW. Being so far away and not completely in touch with what was happening in the US, we returned home on March 18 to a completely different world… and it was shocking.


Luckily, I had started a morning routine of daily devotionals in February at the start of Lent. Then while on vacation, I decided to build on this routine (see below) and it has helped me to stay centered and calm. I hope this will help you as well:

  1. Sleep much later than my usual 4:30am
  2. Sip warm water with lemon
  3. Take 10 deep breaths (count to 4 breathing in – pause – count to 6 breathing out – pause x 10)
  4. Read my Devotional Book (or anything that is positive and inspiring)
  5. Pray, journal and meditate (sometimes I put on a face mask too)
  6. Walk – A LOT! and or Yoga – one of my favorites, and another one of my favorites!


Most days, I move from anxiety to calm, depressed to gratitude, shock to acceptance, grief to grace all in about a minute… then I remember to breathe. It sounds silly but breathing can reset your mind.

When I stop to consider the future of my company I have to pause before panicking and appreciate my position. We simply don’t know how all this will end and that is where the anxiety lives. But I know that I have the accept that I’m not – nor ever have been – in complete control. What I can control is that I when this is all over, I will continue to run a highly ethical, inspiring, collaborative company that bring quality design to my community.


We will get through this; it will be okay. My hope is that we are a calmer, kinder and gentler world. Perhaps this morning routine will help to assure that this can happen – one person at a time. Peace!


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