What’s Under the Drywall?

Have you ever wondered what is under the drywall? Most people don’t really care until they go to hang artwork on the wall.

In actuality, it’s really interesting and artful. Framing a wall and ceiling is quite complex. Furthermore, it has to hit code and structural integrity as well as follow the plans. I assume most men (yes, I’ve never seen a woman up on a ladder framing) are really good at Legos. It’s not an individual sport. Watching the guys framing usually means that one guy is on the ground cutting and measuring the lumber and the other guys are on a ladder hammering away.

Rooflines create interesting ceiling lines that are simply finished with drywall. Just know that underneath that cool ceiling, are really cool framing materials, it will bring a whole new appreciation for all the hard work to create your beautiful surroundings.


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