Ceilings that Move from Boring to Interesting

Do you want to know how to create ceilings that move from boring to interesting?

After all, looking up is always a good thing. There are a few key elements to creating these interesting ceiling lines.



The roofline is actually what creates the possibility for an interesting ceiling line, it is up to you about ceiling height and what will be exposed. When designing, I try to create these opportunities whenever possible because an interesting ceiling creates space, movement, and light.


There are two main finishes of a ceiling – drywall or wood. Within wood, you can use reclaimed wood, v-match (typically 5” of wood separated by a “V” then another 5” etc), or bead board (typically 2” or wood separated by a “bead” then 2” etc). Both v-match and bead board can now be fabricated in large sheets of composite material to replicate the look at a lower price both in material and in labor.


These are the structural elements of the roofline. We can use materials strong enough to accomplish any look that you want, it simply depends on price and design.


The center ridge beam is often exposed out of necessity because it will be deeper than the roof rafters. Typically, people like to see this look and it can be finished in the same or different material than the rest of the ceiling.


These can be decorative or structural depending on how the roof was built. In the hexagon house shown here, it is structural and in the house currently under construction in the schematic drawing you will see that we are planning to highlight the ribs in the same material as the beams.

            COLLAR TIES

These are structural cross beams that connect the two roof planes together. This will allow for the ceiling to go up to the ridge beam if the collar ties are exposed. The other option is to have the ceiling flatten at the collar ties. HVAC and electrical are often run within this space. The most expensive option is to carry the ceiling line to the ridge beam with a less expensive option being a flat ceiling at the collar tie.


Cost is always a factor when finishing an interesting ceiling and there are many options to consider. I recommend working with your designer and builder on coming up with the right fit between design and budget.




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