420 RENO…Time for Drywall!

There is hope…drywall has arrived! Drywall signifies that preliminary inspections are complete and we can begin to close up walls.

This means that the project is taking shape and walls look like walls. For those people who cannot “see” a project, they can finally “see”. For my husband, there is an “ah-ha moment” and he can finally understand the direction that we are going in.

Now, while I love that we are drywalling, I am absolutely dreading this week. We have 4 days ahead of us of finishing up the blue board (drywall that tile will get applied to), mudding, taping and sanding. That will result in a total and complete mess! Even though I cover the furniture everyday, there is simply dust EVERYWHERE!

How to get through it? Go out to dinner and stay at work! That’s my plan and I’m sticking with it. Note: ALWAYS come up with a plan when you know that you have an intense week ahead of you, it will make the ride a bit smoother!


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