Are you Prepared to Think Outside of the Box?

Every custom home brings with it the possibility of thinking outside of the box and the Steel Farmhouse is no exception. As a matter of fact, it’s a nice blend of typical elements that make a home functional with a custom twist. Here are some of the features that are creative, functional, and outside of… Continue reading Are you Prepared to Think Outside of the Box?

Why it is so powerful to repeat a material throughout your home

Have you heard that you should be repeating materials throughout your home, but you aren’t sure why or how? Let’s review how this can take shape by exploring the Steel Farmhouse.   In this home, steel is a primary material that is consistently repeated. Steel is used in the following areas. monorail staircase, cantilevered 2nd-floor… Continue reading Why it is so powerful to repeat a material throughout your home

April Newsletter

Spring brings hope, health, and plenty of construction. I thought it would be fun to share with you a project that we have been working on since July 2020. This modern steel farmhouse boasts strong elements of custom steel highlighted as exposed structure in the kitchen, great room, monorail stair system, and cantilevered decks. My… Continue reading April Newsletter

Is Color Back?

Yes! Finally, the color is back! I love color and I’m never afraid to use it, but over the last 10 years or so the fear of color was a very real thing by homeowners. Remember the color, color, and color of the ’90s? Maroon, green and gold walls all on the same floor. Or… Continue reading Is Color Back?

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What is Trending in Tile?

Do you love tile as much as I do? Tile brings inspiration, style, mood, and function to any space. Installation is expensive so you might as well pay for the tile that you want, it won’t break the bank. And if it is crazy expensive, then use it as an accent. How about we learn… Continue reading What is Trending in Tile?

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What is Under Your Walls?

Do you know what is under your walls? Most people don’t give a second thought to what is under their walls, why would you? Well, when under construction, it’s important to make your material selections early so that when they are roughing in the electrical and plumbing it can be done right the first time.… Continue reading What is Under Your Walls?

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Materials in March

March always brings longer days with more sunlight and this year a ton of much-needed hope. It also brings a ton of work as we specify building materials for our clients.   Selecting materials is a complex process and essential to keeping the project moving forward in an efficient manner. Let’s dive into the process… Continue reading Materials in March

Time to Design your Landscaping!

Did you know that it’s time to start your landscape design? Yup, that’s right. It’s winter and it’s design time! And…I love landscape design!   What is involved in the landscape design process?  Budget: let’s just say whatever you think it will cost … double it (maybe even triple). Timeline: If you are trying to… Continue reading Time to Design your Landscaping!

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