How to Strategically Place Bathroom Windows

Windows in a bathroom are really important! Why? They create light, feel and fresh air. They must be balanced with privacy. Because I live in downtown Portsmouth, I can sit at my kitchen island and see in 3 different bathroom windows. Honestly, it’s not good. My neighbors all laugh about it but it makes me very… Continue reading How to Strategically Place Bathroom Windows

Backsplash 101

Are you working on a kitchen renovation? If so, you are probably working out what to do with your backsplash. Fundamentally, you need a backsplash to keep water and other spills from ruining the drywall behind your counter. You have two choices: A standard 4” backsplash that is the same material as your countertop. This… Continue reading Backsplash 101

How to Transform Your Home with a Truss Roof

Does your home need a significant renovation? When I was hired for this “Ranch Renovation” the existing 1952 home was in desperate need of updating! To begin, the ceiling height was very low at only 7’6” high, which meant that the height of the windows were hung too low. All the windows were single pane… Continue reading How to Transform Your Home with a Truss Roof

Where Old Meets New

We do a lot of additions and renovations! And they are fun! Why…? I love the renovation challenge and no two homes are alike. I love taking an old home with old floor / ceiling joists and pushing the design to adjust to modern dimensions and building codes. Existing foundations and stair codes are rarely met… Continue reading Where Old Meets New

The Benefits of a “Whole Home Design” Approach

Why a holistic strategy delivers the best in architecture, interior design, and landscape for a connected whole home design When I’m starting a new whole home design project it feels like Christmas Eve – every time I am SO excited! There are so many possibilities, each more thrilling than the next. These beginnings are always… Continue reading The Benefits of a “Whole Home Design” Approach

The 3 Most Important Things to Know about Tile

Tile sets the tone for your space so it is important to know the characteristics and properties prior to investing in the tile. There are three major groups of tile: Glazed Porcelain, Glass Tile and Natural Stone. Here are some key features to keep in mind: Glazed Porcelain Tile: The tile industry has created cutting edge… Continue reading The 3 Most Important Things to Know about Tile

A Different Kind of Home

The Red Sox have a different kind of “home”. Obviously their “home” has been Fenway Stadium since 1912 and the history is rich and pride runs deep. What I am always struck with is the cross-over of socioeconomics and the diversity of age in the crowd, all enjoying the American tradition of watching a baseball game.… Continue reading A Different Kind of Home

420 Reno…How to create Wood Walls

I have walls! As expected, the drywall week was a long one, but we survived and have moved forward! Now, there are two surfaces that did not get drywalled – the Master Bedroom wall and ceiling. Since the room is so small, I decided to play with materials to make the space a bit more interesting.… Continue reading 420 Reno…How to create Wood Walls