Why We LOVE Instagram

Do you follow @RockyBayHome on Instagram?

If not, do so now! Why? Because this is a project that I’m sharing EVERYTHING about the design process and products. I don’t always share ALL the details of my projects to maintain intellectual property, so this is a special project.


A brief introduction to Rocky Bay Home…

My husband and I bought an investment property in mid-coast Maine. Built in 1984, it needs some tender loving care. But what it does have going for it is the location – right on Wheeler Bay in Spruce Head, Maine. Follow the instagram account and watch the process to pick up hints, tips and tricks to renovating on a budget.


A few words about Instagram:

I love instagram because it is like visual candy (and I love candy!). Instagram is less about the bad photos and long dialogue of Facebook and focuses on quality photos, catchy titles, locations and resources.  Since I’m a visual person and I’m communicating my work and ideas visually, instagram is the perfect social media platform for me.


Be seen not heard!

Instead of the judgmental language of Facebook and Twitter, with Instagram, less is more. I find the photo should say it all with a few words of explanation.


Who to follow:

Well for starters, me! @AmyDuttonHome is a happy place to be. You will see photos from past and current projects. I follow a lot of designers, contractors, photographers, local businesses and national platforms (like National Geographic) that inspire me. I prefer to see only things that are beautiful  and inspiring. If it doesn’t make sense to me, I unfollow. It’s that easy!


A plethora of information…

You can search by #(Hashtag), people and places. When you travel, you can simple search the area for cool things by putting in the location or #.


What to post or not post:

Post images that inspire YOU! Generally, your followers will agree and enjoy seeing your perspective. I like to keep things mainly professional, but occasionally I add some personal posts to give a snapshot into my life. My favorite is taking pictures on my morning walks – the lighting is great and the photos come out peaceful. Photos with clean white spaces and higher exposure generally do better — nobody wants to see a dark and gloomy image! During the winter, more of my posts have white or snow in them, and in the summer I like to play around with color. Keeping a seasonal “theme” to your page can help boost followers and keep your Instagram fun and entertaining!

You can view our Instagram pages for @amyduttonhome and @rockybayhome here on your computer but you can only post from your phone.


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