Light a Fire Under It

As the weather is changing to chilly, we are starting to think about lighting a fire.

It’s one of the best parts of winter and this fireplace is one of the best features of the home.

This Ocean Cottage was renovated last winter with an addition of a kitchen / dining, while also renovating the existing first floor, and adding a second floor for a master suite. The original fireplace was a lovely part of the cottage but, needed some updating.

After much discovery and discussion, it was determined that we would install a TV above the revised fireplace. However, the clients really didn’t want to see the TV immediately upon entering the home.

While we could have put doors over the TV, it would have limited the size of TV. Research disclosed that we could purchase a system that had a framed mirror or art on one side and would then flip over and display the TV on the other side. All of this is automated by an application on an iPad. To make the system even better, a high-tech sound bar was added above the TV.

Click here to see video: IMG_5029

Through the design process, it was determined that the fireplace facade would be a stone veneer by Genest called “Cobblestone”. Stone veneer is real stone, but it is sliced flat about 1-1/4” +/- so that it can be installed easier therefore, taking up less depth. The mantle would be a revised beam from the original house simply floating from the stone.

There are not a lot of walls in this home, but it does require a lot of switching for the many lighting options. Therefore, we needed to use the fireplace as place to install a switch. The faux painted switch plates provide the finishing touch to blend them seamlessly into the cobblestones.

The tricky part was marrying the TV system and sound bar to the stone. As a matter of fact, it was so tricky that it was done 3 times! And not easily, might I add. Cutting stones like this a detailed skill cutting perfectly and fitting the stones together to make it look organic.

While we had the specifications, it is always difficult doing something for the first time that has to be assembled – it’s all in the details!

But, in conclusion, the crew did an amazing job making it ultimately look perfect, absolutely perfect. Many times, it’s about patience and perseverance.

In the industry we know that there is a process for everything and rarely does the homeowner know the journey that we have traveled to bring them a perfect result. And, that’s exactly the way that we want it. We want you to be happy with the end result at the end of the day when you are relaxing in the privacy of your home.

Let’s work on the details of your home together!


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