Before & After of New Englander Meets Modern

Before and after photos are some of my favorites and New Englander meets modern is one of my all-time favorites.

Remember, we work on projects for a LONG time before they are actually photographed. In this project, I started working with the clients in November 2017, designed until April 2018, the Portsmouth Planning Department slowed us down a bit requiring a variance so we didn’t start construction until July 2018 and they moved in December 23, 2018 (yes, it was a memorable day!). We were able to shoot the interior in March 2019 and the exterior October 2019.

So, when you see before and afters they equate a lot of time, money, construction and patience.


This project was one of my personal favorites – partly because it was so outside of the box and partly because it was our marketing company and we LOVE our marketing company, Stoutheart.

My client has a passion for clean lines and modern while buying an old New Englander. With her approval, we abandoned the traditional lines and trim work from the minute you entered the front door. Often in projects like this we will transition slowly from “existing” to “new” but it made sense to introduce the modern from the first steps in the door in order to achieve embrace the true mood of the space.

From the front door you can see directly down a functional hallway of cabinetry and bar to the kitchen island and outside the back windows (with black interior mullions). From the mudroom door you experience the modern before taking your first step into the polished concrete floor. With a black iron stair system leading to the addition of kitchen / living space or down to the family room, it is modern all in the details.

The true departure is the back elevation. The back is sided in Boral wood  (composite wood) with butt joints at 6” apart and 10” at the top for a true modern feel. A coat of Benjamin Moore, “Raccoon Fur” tops off the modern.

This house wasn’t about blending, it was about making a statement! And the statement is clean, clear and concise. You get it from any door that you walk in – modern is the name of the game!


On a side note: Stoutheart is now offering space to produce podcasts. What an amazing idea as I am a huge podcast listener. Mine are pretty much anything from Wondery and Serial.  What are your favorites?


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