Sometimes, when measuring an existing home, the numbers just don’t make sense and that was definitely the case in this home. The sellers did not allow us to come into the home prior to closing to measure so much to our surprise to find out during demolition that the house was a modular home. While it shouldn’t be a big deal, it created a challenge with the design but also an opportunity. Havenhill Builders did an amazing job rising to the occasion on this project!


CHALLENGE: There were points of structure that we did not expect and had not planned on in the design. The home is small so changing the layout wasn’t an option. Instead, we added a post where there was a point load that could not be changed, and this simply created a small dining area. We were moving the staircase to an open concept (see the image with Molly and Charlie) staircase and since it was structural it meant that there was some complex engineering to design.

Since we were adding so much glass on the tidal view side of the home, we needed to add a sheer wall on the back for the structure.

ADVANTAGE: There was actually a full floor and ceiling system layered into the existing home. So, we were able to remove the ceiling system and raise the ceiling up to 12” which is a lot in our world of construction.

The house was just about done in March when Covid hit. Things definitely slowed down, but they were able to keep on working in a safe way and get the project completed by May. Havenhill always brings to the table such incredible talent and quality with custom cabinetry and finishes.


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