420 RENO… How To Clean Your Home After a Reno!

As the renovation is drawing to an end, I have already lined up a cleaning company to come just as soon as the door has hit the contractor’s back-side. I had two companies bid and I actually took the higher bid because it was well organized and spelled out their scope of services plus, they have an excellent reputation.

That said, I have started to make a list of all the materials in the house and how they should be cleaned to avoid ruining something before you can really enjoy it. Make a list of your materials and research online how to clean them then review with your cleaning company (and all those in your household who might be cleaning as well!).

Here we go:

Engineered Stone Countertop: gentle cleaner or soft scrub. http://www.caesarstoneus.com/en/Customer_Service/Pages/Maintenance.aspx

Copper Bathtub: Mild detergent or mild soap ONLY with soft flannel. Never use anything abrasive.


Glass Tile Shower: Vinegar and water


Tile Backsplash: Baking Soda, Water, dish soap, toothbrush


Cork Flooring: Weekly – Damp cloth w/ vinegar, 2x year – small amount Murphy Oil Soap, Every 5-7 years, refinish with polyurethane satin finish. Avoid: Swiffer products, Orange Glo, Mop & Glo and other bleach cleaners.


Cleanliness is Happiness! I promise. At least it beats picking something up and having it literally get your entire outfit filthy.


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